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The contract term can be anywhere from 12 months onward. The term will ultimately depend on whether the contract offered is to manager one of the parks ATPM owns outright, or one that ATPM is managing on behalf of a third party. For a third party, the term offered will usually align with the term ATPM has with the client. The initial term will usually be for two years to allow both ATPM and the contract management team to establish a working relationship, with a further two – three year option available.

Each contract management company is paid a set retainer, and then a ‘variable component’ based on a percentage of park revenue. A nominated percentage of this variable percentage will be required to be expended on wages, with the remainder being available for the management company. On this basis, each contract management company can expect to earn between $100,000 and $130,000 per year as a base depending on the size of the park and its facilities. Management contractors will also share in a percentage of any additional net profits the park might achieve over and above the budgeted profit figure, in the same way they will share in any additional income the park takes over and above the parks budget. There are also additional bonuses payable tied to the parks guest satisfaction ratings.

In addition to the above the contract management company (unless prohibited by ATPM’s contract with our client) has the rights to all income from commercial activities that they may run from the site. For example: small kiosk, offer bikes or go-karts for hire or sell popcorn on movie nights. This can be quite substantial additional revenue and in most cases is only limited by the contract management company’s imagination.

As above, each contract management company is paid a retainer and then a percentage of all revenue known as a ‘variable payment’. A portion of this variable payment must be spent on wages.


The contract management company employ their own staff and structure as they see fit and are required to spend at least 95% of the wage allowance.  In the above example if the contract management company only spent $250,000 of the allocated $260,000 (this is still more than 95% of required spend) they could retain the remaining $10,000 for themselves, however, they would have to work additional hours or days to enable them to be able to have less staff.

Cabin Cleaning- Any cabin cleans will be reimbursed as a separate sum, over and above the required wage spend. Rates are set by cabin type, by day and are paid monthly

On the occasion 95% of the allocated wage allowance (variable  component plus cabin cleans) is not spent on staff, the balance is required to be paid back to ATPM.

N.B – the variable and wage percentages are examples only. These will vary from park to park as does the retainer figure. 

An example of plant and equipment required would be a second hand Ute, ride-on mower, push mower, lawn edger, brush cutter, chainsaw, blower vacuum, digital camera, park communication equipment, varies cleaning equipment and small tools. The plant and equipment purchased by the management company remains the property of the management company to keep or on-sell at the end of their contract. The general spend required on plant and equipment varies from park to park, and is generally $20,000 to $30,000.  ATPM may consider financing the purchase of plant and equipment on a buy back scheme in some instances.

The plant and equipment allowance is made up of 3 parts. There is a portion to offset the depreciation of the plant and equipment, a portion for the repairs and maintenance of the plant and equipment and a portion for fuel. Depending on the level of investment required by the management company, this annual allowance usually varies between $15,000 and $20,000.

All office equipment required to operate the park is supplied by ATPM, or in some cases ATPM’s client. The type of equipment supplied may include computers, phones, printers and security cameras. No costs for this equipment is payable by the management company team.

Yes, the contract management company will be required to pay rental for the onside residence/s. The rental of such premises varies between $8,500 and $14,000 annually. In addition to the rental figure, the contract management company will be responsible for all electricity and water usage where metered separately.

Newly appointed management teams will be provided with an induction day at our support office on the Gold Coast to discuss company policies, systems, support office team and the holiday park industry. A handover with the outgoing management team will also be provided for participation in park management training run by our operations team and exiting park managers.

ATPM also offers the framework of our support office as part of the overall management package, which includes, established plans, practices for occupational health and safety, marketing, landscaping, waste management, security and asset cleaning.

Training is a cost to the new management team, generally training/handover is 5-7 days with most training being conducted onsite and on the job.

Accommodation can be provided at the park during periods of onsite training

If you are successful and have been offered a park as the successful contractor you will be required to:

    1. Set up Pty Ltd Company (if not already set up)
    2. Obtain Work cover insurance for yourself and your employees effective from commencement date
    3. Obtain the necessary plant and equipment required as specified in your contract
    4. Obtain a bank guarantee for the sum of $10,000.

N.B – The above will only be required if you have been offered a park. If you have only be successful in the recruitment process you do not need to start the above process until you are officially offered a park management contract.

Please visit our “Useful Links” page for more information on training options in the caravan park industry.

ATPM do not usually recruit for relief or assistant mangers. As our park managers are engaged as contractors, they are responsible for recruiting and training their own staff to work at the park.

ATPM receives a large volume of applications, due to this we do not usually provide detailed feedback on applications and interviews.

Your application will be treated with respect and confidentiality by our recruitment team. We will only retain your personal information and contact you again if you give us permission to do so. We will not forward your application to our parks for assistant or relief manager positions without your consent.

You can email our recruitment team at

N.B – We are only able to provide specific contract guidelines to short-listed applicants